Galena is recognized by the Ports, Terminals and Waterways Public Security Commission (CONPORTOS) as a Security Organization.

The technical staff of Galena has good expertise and experience on security matters as well in the maritime legislation and patrimonial, personnel and installation security. They include naval and mechanic engineering and military training experts.

The services provided by Galena include:

  • Carry out ship and port facility security assessment as:
    • Identification and evaluation of important assets and infrastructures those are critical to the vessel/port facility, if damaged.
    • Identification of the actual threats to those critical assets and infrastructure in order to prioritize security measures.
    • Identification of the vessel/port facility in term of vulnerability and other areas that may be a likely target
  • Elaborate the vessel/port facility security plan.
  • Provide expertise assistance to plan training, drills and exercises on security matters.
  • Provide training to Company Security Officer and Ship Security Officer.
  • Provide training and drills to ensure familiarity with security plans and procedures to vessel crew and appropriate shore-based personnel.
  • Review the security procedures against the safety procedures in order to identify possible mutual interferences.
  • Assistance to implement the Vessel/port Facility Plan.

The following ships/installations are under the ISPS Code:

  • Passenger ships, including passenger high-speed craft
  • Cargo ships, including high-speed craft of 500 gross tonnage and upwards
  • Mobile offshore drilling units
  • Port facilities serving ships
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