Galena Engineering offers a diverse range of specialized services, including:


  • Project analysis, assuring the compliance with Brazilian and international requirements established for operation of national and foreign vessels in of Brazilian waters.
  • Third party verification executed during engineering, supplying, construction and commissioning of an industrial facility, with the objective to assure the conformity of its system’s conditions in relation to the project specifications.
  • Consultancy services on applying Brazilian or international rules and its implications.
  • Analysis of noncompliance, propose solutions and intermediation with public agencies in cases of impossibility to comply with the requirements.

Design, Evaluation and Implementation of Several Systems

  • Preparation, implementation and/or verification of management systems and quality system with different objectives and scopes, including the revision of the Operational Safety Documentation (DSO) of offshore units for oil and natural gas, in accordance with ANP Resolution 43/2007.
  • Preparation and evaluation of Protection Plans for vessels, marine units and shore facilities.
  • Assessment and diagnosis of Oil and Gas Measurement Systems.
  • Assessment and diagnosis of Maintenance Plans.


  • Management Systems Audits, Maintenance Control Systems Audits, Structural Integrity and Oil and Gas Measurement Systems Audits, including internal audits of the Operational Safety Management System (SGSO) of maritime units, in accordance with ANP Resolution 43/2007, and internal audits of SGSO in onshore installations, in accordance with the provisions of the Technical Regulation (RTSGI) established by Ordinance no. 2/2010 of the ANP. 
  • Internal audits according to the guidelines of the ISM Code and ISPS Code.
  • Environmental Audit in accordance with CONAMA Resolution 306.
  • Audits to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Advice and Assistance of Subjects Diving

  • Evaluation of Technical Providers of diving services, analysis and evaluation of operational safety procedures, analysis and evaluation of contingency plans, identification and risk analysis.
  • Audits in diving companies and their facilities to verify the compliance and maintenance of procedures and security requirements.

Services in Supervision and Inspection Area

  • Supervision of projects and work assemblies (certification that the projects and the services were performed in accordance with the technical standards).
  • Supervision of specific services and operations for request of our customers.

Reliability Services and System Integrity

  • Inspection of boilers and pressure vessels in conformance to the requirements established in the NR 13.
  • Inspection of cranes, lifting and handling equipment.
  • Load tests.
  • Cables inspections.
  • Issue reports and certificates on reliability and equipment integrity.

Accident Investigation

  • Assist in operational and safety aspects and assistance for accident investigation, including advice to Law Firms and acting as Legal Expert.
  • Preparation of reports of materials, operational and human accidents.
  • Risk Analysis.


  • Internal Auditors (Management System / ISM / ISPS).
  • Aspects of the legislation of the Navy of Brazil and ANP.
  • Specialized technical training.

Protection Plans Preparation

  • Evaluation of vessel’s protection and port facilities protection including the identification and evaluation of assets and critical infrastructure, identification of existing threats, ship’s vulnerability, port’s facilities and other relevant areas and prioritize security measures.
  • Prepare Protection Plan for ships and port facilities.
  • Expert assistance for planning and conducting training and simulated exercises related to security aspects.
  • Training for Company Security Officers.
  • Review security procedures, including comparison with security procedures to identify potential mutual interference.
  • Assist in the implementation of Ship / Installation Protection Plan.

Ship Valuation

  • Issue of General Condition and Evaluation Report.
  • Issue of valuation report of market value for ship or fleet.
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