Galena Engenharia is a company founded in 2004 that in that short space of time consolidated its importance in the marine and oil segments, as can be evidenced in the relationship of the major projects undertaken by the company.

Its general managers are professionals with large experience that comes from the board of Brazilian Maritime Authority (DPC) where exerted its activities for more than two decades.

Galena’s managers have deep knowledge about the different practices and sailing areas in Brazil, characteristics of design, construction and operation of various types of vessels and oil platforms constructed and/or employed in Brazilian waters, as well as the systems and equipment used on board.

Crowning this experience, in May 2009, Galena was accredited by the Brazilian Maritime Authority as Specialized Entity for surveying and issuing certificates for national vessels and diving systems, acting in this segment under the name Certificadora Brasileira de Embarcações e Sistemas.

Due to the experience and credibility acquired in accident investigation on behalf of the Brazilian Maritime Authority, the general managers of Galena are often invited to act as court experts in cases assessed by the Maritime Court or to provide technical advice to legal offices specialized in the maritime sector. We are often hired to support our clients in their internal analysis of incidents.

Regarding the safety aspects and management in the oil industry, Galena made a relevant partnership with the Brazilian Petroleum Agency (ANP), which initiated at the beginning of the Agency’s establishment due to the agreement between DPC and the ANP.

Still as representatives of the Brazilian Navy, Galena’s managers have visited different oil-producing countries in conjunction with ANP’s staff to establish the regulatory aspects of operational safety and structural integrity of facilities of prospecting, exploration and production of petroleum and natural gas in Brazil, contributing directly to the development of procedures for inspection and control of these units.

As a result of this experience, Galena was responsible for conducting on behalf of ANP, structural integrity audits in facilities onshore and offshore of different concessionaries for about five years until the adoption of the technical regulation for Operational Safety Management System. This action led to Galena to acquire experience about the characteristics and peculiarities of equipment, procedures and management systems of the oil industry in Brazil.

With the advent of the Operational Safety Technical Regulation, established by the Resolution ANP Nº 43 / 2007, our company was invited to develop the procedures for auditing the Safety Operational Management System (SGSO). At this stage Galena performed audits on behalf of the Agency in several offshore units of exploration and production of oil from different concessionaries. Concluding this work, Galena performed the first training for ANP’s auditors.

Galena has been also hired by the Brazilian Association of Independent Producers of Oil and Gas (ABPIP) to evaluate the requirements of the Safety Operational System for Land Fields (RTGSI), established by Resolution ANP Nº 2 / 2010, in order to analyze the implications of the new regulation and propose suggestions and comments.

In 2013 Galena wined a bidding process and signed a two-year contract with the ANP in order to advise the Agency and accompany its team in the execution of SGSO audits according to the Safety Operational Management System (Resolution ANP Nº 43/2007) in offshore drilling and production units. This contract has been extended for one more year in 2015.

Galena stands out for having a solid knowledge of legislation applicable in naval and oil segments, being able not only to issue the certificates and documents required by our customers, but mainly to provide guidance and solutions necessary to improve safety and effectiveness of processes and facilities.

Our experience is not confined to the broad field of technical and legal requirements established by the Brazilian Navy or ANP, but also encompassing the requirements set by different government agencies that supervise, directly or indirectly, the activities of the oil industry and ship’s operation in Brazil, such as the National Agency for Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ), Ministry of Labor (MTE), Brazilian Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL), Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), Brazilian Institute for Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO), Ministry of Environment (MMA), Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Renewable Resources (IBAMA) and Brazilian Environment Council (CONAMA), among others.

Galena is also accredited as Security Organization by the Brazilian Commission on Public Security in Ports, Terminals and Waterways (CONPORTOS) and is able to develop studies of Risk Assessment and Security Plans for Brazilian Port facilities in accordance with the ISPS Code, in order to be submitted for approval according Brazilian laws.

It is our policy to work in complete legal compliance, observing strict ethical standards and building partnerships with our customers that go beyond the simple provision of another service.

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